Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Cops Are The Bad Guys 2

Use your state-sanctioned torture device on a 57-year-old woman (Janice Wells) who called you to investigate a prowler, realize the whole incident is on tape, resign before you can be fired (though most cops who do such things are not fired) and then get hired right away by a sheriff's department. Tim Murphy and Ryan "I did what I had to do to control the situation" Smith, common criminal thugs posing as "law" enforcement. I wonder if that new sheriff job that Smith got requires attacking the very citizens that call on you for help?

"Damn, boy, you hired! You're just what we been looking for to fill Bubba's spot. He used to just beat little old ladies with his stick, but you got him beat by a mile!"

Of course, you must NEVER fight back when the pigs are attacking you, because that would be "resisting arrest" and "assaulting an officer".

Fined $500 for “Obstructing” a Police Bullet

Michael Housley of Arnold, Maryland had his hands full dealing with his wife’s health crisis when the police materialized on his doorstep last July 12.

Earlier that day, Housley’s wife Leah had been taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation. When she left without being discharged, a nurse called the police and asked them to do a “safety check” — a request that is rapidly becoming a leading cause of preventable death.

Housley refused to let the police see his wife, and ordered them to leave. This should have ended the matter. It didn’t, of course.

Officer Doyle Holquist tried to “detain” Housley — that is, the uninvited armed stranger criminally assaulted the worried husband and attempted to kidnap him. Housley broke free and ran inside his house, locked the door behind him, and called 911 — perhaps in the desperate hope of casting out Beelzebub by Beelzebub’s power.

When Holquist and his comrades contacted their supervisors, they received conflicting instructions: One of their superiors advised them not to force their way into the home, the second told the officers that they could break down the door. Nobody gets extra credit for correctly guessing which of those instructions the officers chose to follow.

Once the police had demolished the door, Officer Holquist escalated the matter further, adding aggravated assault to criminal trespass by dousing Housley with pepper spray. One of Holquist’s homies, Cpl. Jeffrey Bauer, attempted to subdue Housley, who “bear-hugged” his assailant. Bauer’s response was assault with a deadly weapon, shooting the besieged man twice with his portable electro-shock torture device.

Confronted with three armed, violent intruders who had repeatedly assaulted him Housley staged a desperate counter-attack by grabbing a wooden chair and swinging it at Bauer, who — recall — had just attacked him with a lethal weapon. Holquist drew his firearm and shot Housley in the neck.

Michael Housley was charged with assault, failure to obey a lawful order and resisting arrest.

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