Sunday, January 9, 2011

Question of the Day: Do You Own A Gun?

If you do, why do you own one? If you don't have a gun, why not?

Below is a picture of some guns you can buy from Bret's "Best Guns For Self-Protection" Shop:

Also at Bret's Gun's, daily crochet workshops.


  1. I don't have a gun because I never need one anymore and i gave mine away to a woman whose abusive ex-husband was stalking her.

  2. @ AdamS

    United Kingdom of Tyranny? Britain is in a sad state, and it seems to be getting worse there for liberty in general.

  3. I own a small arsenal which I keep in a bus I buried and use as a bunker while I wait for the coming invasion of the lizard people...

    I don't own a gun for the same reason I don't own a chainsaw: I don't like people or trees, but I haven't found I need to purchase a tool for several hundred dollars just to cut one down. I hire out, like all liberals and Italians I know.

  4. "I hire out, like all liberals and Italians I know.”

    The most factual thing yet Bret...

  5. Italians don't hurt people, but you... sometimes... people get hurt. I was at the movies, officer, I got the stub right here.

  6. Oh, and the WASP in me says, "Why dirty your hands when you can just pay someone to do it for you?"

  7. I thought it was a nice slip Bret, liberal bully by proxy statism and the identification of the Italian modern form of statist fascism.

    You identify democrats as pussies, pussies prefer to not get the hands dirty when by stake hook and crook one can get thugs to do the molesting for you...

  8. It wasn't a slip, I thought of you when I wrote it, since it's so cowardly of me to believe in the concept of division of labor and I think security is best outsourced. I also don't do my own electrical work, let alone write my own stuff.

  9. Own a gun...?

    The gun is a tool, like asking if someone owns a tool expecting someone to pipe up with what screwdriver is sitting in the kitchen drawer.

    Pistols for concealed or open carry.
    Shotguns for hunting or defense.
    Rifles for hunting.

    If you own just one does it get lonely in storage.


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