Saturday, January 22, 2011

Period Drug Could Save Your Life, Even If You're Not A Woman

This is an unpleasant topic, in more ways than one...

An inexpensive drug frequently used to slow bleeding by women with heavy periods can save lives by limiting bleeding after accidents or in war wounds, researchers reported this week. Those given the drug, called tranexamic acid, were at least 10% less likely to die...

For people age 5 to 45, trauma is second only to HIV/AIDS as a source of death worldwide, with about 3 million people dying from it each year, many after reaching the hospital. Among those who do reach the hospital, about half die from exsanguination -- bleeding out -- in some settings.

Drug for heavy periods could save lives in accidents by stopping bleeding

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  1. Side effects include chocolate cravings, bloating, cramping, and spontanous crying episodes.


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