Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don Imus: "Rachel Maddow Is A Gutless Coward"


  1. He's right, of course.

    But the problem is that Imus has spent decades provoking and shocking with outrageous statements, so instead of this being seen as his telling the truth, it will be seen as more Imus spotlight-grabbing.

    When I lived in NJ in the 80s-90s, Imus had a cult following as big as Limbaugh's. Probably too big to be a cult, really.

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  3. These conservative fucktwats are pissed off that Rachel Maddow didn't rush to the defense of Keith Olberman?

    Here's a thought: maybe she's just not an ideological whore. I wouldn't know, because I don't know her or watch her show (though I saw the Bill Maher episode she was on), but that's why I don't make broad, blanket declarative statements of certainty about her.

    I don't knnow who is more retarded here: the idiots on Fox for caring, Nikk for posting, or Oxtrot for agreeing. If she had defended him, the story would be, "Another liberal in the liberal media rushes to the defense of a liberal."

    You want to talk about a gutless coward? Have Don Imus call a room full of female college basketball players nappy-headed hoes to their face. He won't because he's a fucking dickless coward who hides behind a microphone out of sight of those he defames.

    Why even post this?


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