Sunday, January 23, 2011

Question of the Day: Have You Ever Eaten A Bug?

On purpose, that is...

"Tasty ... kind of nutty!" the 20-year-old assures her companions clutching an array of creepy crawly pastries at a seminar, which forecast that larvae and locusts will invade Western menus as the price of steak and chops skyrocket.

Van Tol and about 200 other tasters were guinea pigs for a group of Dutch scientists doing groundbreaking research into insects replacing animal meat as a healthier, more environmentally friendly source of protein.

"There will come a day when a Big Mac costs 120 euros ($163) and a Bug Mac 12 euros, when more people will eat insects than other meat," head researcher Arnold van Huis told a disbelieving audience at Wageningen University in the central Netherlands.

"The best way to start is to try it once," the entomologist insisted.-'Bug Mac' and lovely 'grub': food of the future


  1. I had chocolate covered ants once in high school when a friend of mine ordered them online. I only had a few, but they weren't half bad.

  2. Yes, and it's not just the future, but the past and present as well. It's the main source of protein in many developing nations, and some theorize the omega-3 and 6 fatty acids abundant in insects helped to fuel development of the human brain in the past.


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