Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Green Super Bowl Party?

If you have plans to host a Super Bowl party you may have to deal with trash talking between guests, but you don't have to deal with bags of trash from the party. Do Your Part by hosting a greener party, no matter what colors your team sports.

You'll probably be stocking up on most of your party supplies at the grocery store. If beer is on your list, consider trying a few varieties of organic or locally brewed beers. If you're having a large crowd, renting a keg is both more economical and less wasteful. A full size keg holds the equivalent of 165 12-ounce containers of beer and can be refilled and used over and over again.

For individually packaged beverages of all kinds, the greener choices are ones packaged in aluminum cans. Aluminum is the most valuable and cost effective material that we recycle. Plus aluminum can be recycled and back on the store shelves as new product in a matter of weeks. When serving water, the best choice is to provide a pitcher of ice water and reusable glasses for your guests. If bottled water is a must, buy bottles made with less plastic and make sure they get recycled.- Host A Green Super Bowl Party

First, I'm not even going to watch the damn game this year. Second, I prefer my beer in bottles, so go to hell. Third, water in a pitcher, with ice? I'm not making that much ice and I ain't buying any either, plus, that's too much trouble. Fourth, make sure the water bottles get recycled? Screw you! I never worry about recycling a damn thing!

Fifth, the Super Bowl sucks! I ain't falling for the hype anymore!

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  1. Most sports finals are anti-climatic. There hasn't been an exciting World Cup in years. I think the last one was in 1986. In fact, the greatest games in history usually take place in the semi-finals or anything other than a final.

    The League Championship series in baseball is usually better than the World Series. Same with the Conference finals in hockey.

    And so it is with football - a one-off game.

    I don't know why. Perhaps over-tactics take over?

    The only exception to that rule from what I've observed is the CFL. The Grey Cup is often outstanding. From an entertainment standpoint, the CFL is better than the NFL. And I LOVE the NFL.


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