Friday, January 28, 2011

More Psychological Control of Wage Slaves


  1. Ah, right, wage slaves. But actual slavery... that's worth fighting a war to keep.

    Considering your desire to abolish government and put keep all power in the hands of private nobility, you are the person least qualified to complain about this. You're nothing but a wage slaver who has no interest in people who work, only in people who own. If you cared one iota for the working poor, you would come to grips with the fact that it's not the government holding those people down, it's the employers (who have nothing to do with the government beyond the influence they purchase).

  2. I'll be paying my workers on average, between $13 and $16. Does that make me a slave owner who keeps the people down? That wage is a combination of my revenue estimates, market demands and government minimum standards which distort the equation.

    I'm curious to hear how you believe wages are set? No theory bull wrapped in perceived fact, mechahically show to me how to prove your position.

    I'm serious. I'm curious.

  3. But actual slavery... that's worth fighting a war to keep.

    To oppose a war of aggression is not to support all of the defects of a particular regime or state. Your argument is the same as those who accused opponents of George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq of supporting Saddam Hussein's evil.


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