Thursday, January 27, 2011

Explaining "Taxation is Theft" to the Statist Clown

Nikk Jakson vs Bret "Tax Clown" Alan...


  1. Yeah, society would totally work if everything had to be paid for or not recieved at all. Fire, police, roads, education... who needs it? Only the rich, that's who.

  2. Bret, so only the "rich" have cars, have groceries, have a roof over their heads? I have all of those things and the government doesn't pay for any of them, in fact, with the money the Feds take from my paycheck, it actually makes it harder for me to meet those basic needs (and those taxes generally don't even pay for fire, police, etc, those are from local taxes, though you don't need the force and theft of taxation to have those services either). Oh, and fuck the police!

    You also continue to conflate "society" with the state. Please learn the difference.

    And I notice you never answer the moral question about theft, because you can't.

  3. Right, you want a private force of thugs to pay to do everything for you, ensuring poor people have nothing. And of course, the company you work for would never start treating you like a slave (an actual slave, not the whiney anarchist "slaves" that just work at a job they hate), and you would never need to take recourse. And of course, the government never did anything for you, ever.

    You do realize that millions of people would literally be on the streets under your unbelievably bllshit model of complete privatization, right? I thought not.

  4. More bullshit from Bret, as expected. Didn't even try to answer my points because you can't!

    The corporations that exploit workers are able to do so precisely because the state exists and props them and the capitalist system up.

    Give it rest, Bret, until you gain some minimal understanding of anarchism and my own positions.


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