Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Corporation - A Voluntaryist's Review

I'm no longer a "voluntaryist", so I don't necessarily agree with this...


  1. > I'm no longer a "voluntaryist"

    I'm curious. What are you then? I can't seem to figure it out. I enjoy your posts though.

  2. Hi Rick! I'm just an anarchist (individualist and without adjectives). The reason I don't call myself a voluntaryist is because, if taken to it's logical conclusion, it has absurd, anti-freedom results, such as "voluntary" human slavery. "Hey, you signed a contract, there was no coercion". I think that's plainly wrong and immoral.

  3. Hey, thanks for clarifying. I'm trying to learn more about various anti-statist philosophies to solidify my views. I suppose I disagree with your example because in a truly free society, one should be able to make choices which may harm themselves (smoke cigarettes, sell a kidney, enter contracts to become a slave, commit suicide, ...). Sure one might consider these choices to be bad, but wouldn't it be immoral to coercively interfere?


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