Friday, January 21, 2011

Question of the Day: Is MTV's 'Skins' Too Sexy for Teens?

Okay, I'm lazy tonight, so I'm just going with this ridiculous story for question of the day. Violates child pornography laws? Stop crying wolf, jerks! A 17 year old backside appears in an episode? Horrors! Grow up, you sick statist creeps who turn to Big Brother to police television (and everything else in our lives)! And no, I haven't seen the show, don't want to see it, and don't need to see it. All right, this is a departure from the normal formula for this series, as I don't like to emphasize my own views on the question in question, but just deal with it this time.


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  1. Can I say I hate the show because it's not music and it's supposed to be MTV?

    I don't think it's "too sexy for teens." Then again, I don't think anyone could be too sexy for teens. I promise you, there is nothing airing on MTV that is dirtier than what goes on in the mind of a teenager.

    But I think the question is flawed. No one cares is teens see a 17 year old's ass, people don't want dirty old men seeing a 17 year old's ass. But that can't hold a candle to the 12 year old who had a nip slip on American Idol recently. (source)

    And finally, the real problem isn't that teens will see it, since no teenager actually watches MTV. Only kids under 12 actually every watch that channel, because they think it's the cool thing that teenagers watch. Still, I don't think kids are going to be traumatized over a butt, or a brief glance of boobs, or even (heaven forbid) a huge, veiny, uncircumcised cock.

    I'm pretty sure Axe commercials have a worse effect on kids. Have you smelled a middle school recently? It's like walking through the perfume section of Macy's.


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