Saturday, January 22, 2011

Question of the Day: Do You Dance?

When I was a just a wee lad, growing up on the Scottish highlands, no wait...when I was a small boy I would dance to the stereo in the family room (or was that the living room, seems like we always had one of each in every house, but I can never keep them straight) by myself, or occasionally with my little sister joining in, and basically my dances were just me jumping around haphazardly to the music, which was usually standard pop stuff. Sometimes, when it was dark and all the lights were off, I would get a spooky feeling and twirl around fighting off demons and ghosts and let me tell ya, there is something to that. Why do you think kids are afraid of the dark? Spooks, I tell ya! Spooks! (them spooks can dance too!).

So, do you dance much or do you even know what the hell you're doing out there on the dance floor?


  1. I haven't danced since I was a kid, when the movements would shake the record player and make it skip.

  2. Genesis came out with a song called "I Can't Dance" in 1991. It became widely known in my hometown as "Katie's theme song" ;)

  3. I Can't Dance

    Sounds like my theme song! No, just kidding! Actually, everybody can dance, and everybody does, just in their own way.

    Don't accept some phony "this is how you dance" b.s. I'm tired of people telling me I can't dance! In fact, my dancing has it's own category (which makes it kinda special). I call my moves "chaos dancing".


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