Monday, January 24, 2011

The Push To Legalize Marijuana In Mexico


  1. You know who would fight this? The cartels. I hope for the sake of the average Mexican citizen they come around to legalization, since they're suffering something like a war there over what could be the biggest cash crop (well... it still is, but it would be official).

  2. I'm pretty sure the Mexican consumer market would dry up without the lucrative profits generated by the drug trade. In the long term, though, legalization is a good and healthy choice for Mexico.

  3. Well, a legalized market wouldn't sap the money away, it would legitimize the business and take it out of the hands of cartels and put it in the hands of farmers and whoever buys the product from them.

    The only consumer market I think would dry up from this would be the sale of guns and ammo in US border states. That and funeral homes.


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