Sunday, January 9, 2011

Movies are not real, mistakes happen, and bad people exist

After a while listening to the typical tired and stupid “you are just compensating” arguments we could just take a reality break. Searching the online videos the first 10 I found show just how ignorant the general public is about what happens in a real shootout.

Hardened criminals and the mentally unbalanced are not some version of Agent Smith or Neo movie fantasy. The following are links to actual real “shootouts” to show just how different the real world is compared to the typical BS Hollywood or video game presentations.

Obviously going for a holstered gun is not a good idea.

How to make a big mistake, and the sad truth is that mistakes happen and “bad people” do exist.

The mentally unbalanced are not crazy fast, and situations build in tension.

Thugs cannot shoot and show little discipline, and this clip begs the question, just how many thugs are carrying in your local bar? Want to take bets on how many are carried legally?

I guess you can always pick the wrong house...

What does it tell us? First, life is unpredictable, Second guns are dangerous and shootouts do not look like the movies.

No one flipped over backwards and pulled out two pistols shooting sideways while preforming a one legged cartwheel, the clips all seem chaotic, slow, and often noise over contact.


  1. I would just dodge bullets as everything slowed down...

    That, or just run in a straight line like James Bond.

    In reality, I would use nearby children as human shields (the fat ones work best). And I certainly wouldn't flip backwards, or I wouldn't need to get shot in order to be hospitalized.

  2. No Bret things are not slowing down... that is the result of your switch from Cannabis indica to Cannabis sativa - it is an illusion based on observation from intoxication.

  3. When does time ever slow down on weed, usually when you get high you smoke and start doing stuff and the next thing you know it's 2am and you're in a convenience store with so much food you're wishing they had shopping carts. Maybe it slows down when you're staring at a clock...

    Though honestly, I think it was the switch from nitrous to model glue.


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