Monday, January 3, 2011

American Christians Pray "Lead Us Into Temptation"

Every Sunday at church, Christians pray the Lord’s Prayer, which includes the following exhortation: “Lead us not into temptation.”

During the other six days of the week, many Christians continue to support the war on drugs, a federal program that continues to lead untold numbers of people, especially young people, into temptation and down the road to destruction.


The next time you hear a Christian expressing support for the drug war, ask him why he would support any program that leads people into temptation and destroys their lives, without any positive benefit to anyone but drug dealers, drug agents, and public officials.

Jacob Hornberger: The Drug War Leads Us into Temptation

It doesn't make sense on any level for Christians to support the insane and unconstitutional War on (some) Drugs. Is it because drugs are "bad" and "sinful"? So are a great many other things that some Christians oppose, like sex outside marriage, homosexuality, alcohol use, smoking and Harry Potter, but few Christians openly advocate for the banning of those. They confuse allowing people to make their own decision on certain behavior with an endorsement of that behavior, but that's as absurd as saying an atheist supports church attendance because he is against outlawing organized religion.

What's more, most of these drug prohibition supporting Christians call themselves "conservative" and believers in state's rights and the Constitution, so I'd like to ask any of these phony "conservatives" to point out where in the U.S. Constitution the Federal Government is given the authority to conduct such a "war" (and be consistent in their answer, because if they come up with some constitutional justification it will have implications for Federal involvement in all those other things these "conservatives" oppose on supposed constitutional grounds, like "Obamacare").

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  1. I'm opposed to abortion, but I know I can't stop someone from having one. I can, however, not have one myself. And I can encourage education and support for those who face difficult decisions.

    I've also seen first-hand how drugs can destroy lives. I kmow people's faith in God and a strong self-esteem are the best weapons against any evil.


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