Monday, January 3, 2011

Top Ten: Things a Black Guy is Least Likely to Say

Sometimes the Top Ten lists I come up with are too… offensive for my liberal blog. Liberals are so obsessed with feeling guilty about everything… but I can count on you guys here at SE to let me say whatever horrible thing comes to mind. Plus, everyone here is white, so we don’t have to pretend…

10. I wish I worked less so I could spend more time with my kids.
9. Red Lobster? I hate that place…
8. Her ass is way too big.
7. I can’t golf today, I’m going to the Renaissance faire.
6. Only 20%? Come on, tip more.
5. Everyone quiet, the movie is starting.
4. Screw basketball, turn on the hockey game.
3. People are too harsh to Glenn Beck.
2. Let’s go swimming.
1. I can’t stand Obama.


  1. sure, you are free to write all the racist, stereotypical tripe you'd like (very witty, btw -- you can list common racial stereotypes), and make all the baseless assumptions about the skin color of the readers of a particular blog...that doesn't mean anyone will find it amusing.

  2. who you callin racist, newfag?

    Quick, post cp before the thread 404s


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