Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election results - stupidity and mediocrity

Congratulations sheep of america, once again you prove that lack of critical thinking skills and a worship of ignorance gains the best government that Big Media, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agribusiness, Lawyers, and lobbyists can buy and manipulate.


Worthless neocon/neo Trotskyites like Frum, are cooing about how now the stupid radicals from the "tea party" are now chased out of the smoke filled rooms of the GOP oligarchy and how "reasonable" pro-Federal Reserve moderates can now concentrate on making the oligarchy richer with your great-grandchildren's indebtedness.

The hijackers from within the GOP power structure used Fox and other outlets to promote the most retarded religionist delusional morons as "tea party alternatives" helping section off all of the easy sheep-like followers that the neocons depend on...

The left of course was no better, seating the "left" versions of the neocons into the "sane" centrist positions and fielded some of the most disgusting milquetoast leftist-neocon mercantilist whores possible, shocking is that a few of them beat out the "tea party" retards.

Because the typical "left side" bell-curve US voter likes a choice of two buckets of shit, the choice was made for them when several buckets showed up with dead vermin and flies included making the "hold your nose and vote for less evil" more vomits covered than usual.

Congratulations America, we can now get back to our lives watching the ruin of the economy and the inevitable crash into the greatest depression, unabated and unchanged in course. Pray for balkanization it may well be our only workable solution at this point.


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