Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Problem with Exceptionalism

I have to say, I was shocked that so few politicians objected to the new airport security theater (now a hands-on, cancer-inducing experience), and I’m flabbergasted by the relatively lingering silence. The blogosphere and social media are all abuzz… because we’re middle and upper class white people, and it sucks to be treated like minorities.

Politicians travel all the time, so they should be all over this. Considering how secretive and sexually conservative both parties on Capitol Hill are, there seems to be very little out of Washington.

I thought one of the primary ideas America is based on is that no one is above the law. The problem is, no one bothered to explicitly state that anywhere, which might be why certain people are above the law…

Back to why there isn’t so much uproar among politicians about the Gropey McNakedness airport security measures… it turns out politicians don’t have to go through them.

Except Rand Paul, who has metal in his knee and is pulled aside to be groped every time he travels (which is saving us from the knee-brace bomber).

Libertarians and conservatives who are looking for a way of framing this ought to consider a brief conversation I had with someone the other day about airline security. They were all for it, but they never fly. Then it dawned on me:

This is about class warfare. The hyper-rich bypass security on private flights, and the poor don’t fly… the middle to upper middle class are being oppressed!

Funny how we don’t mind what we don’t have to endure…

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