Monday, November 22, 2010

The Pistachio Nut

I must have had pistachios before being introduced to them by a friend who was obsessed with them and could go through a whole bag in no time, but I don't remember having them in anything but ice cream form before that. Then I started buying them and began acting a little nutty myself, hiding my precious pistachios from potential pistachio thieves (who were suddenly lurking everywhere) and eating them in secret, least someone know of my passion and plan to rob me of my hoard when I was off my guard. I mean, pistachios ain't peanuts! Price them sometime and then see if you're willing to shell out those kind of bucks for mere nuts. Easier to just steal them from someone like me, isn't it, you filthy, dirty, rotten pistachio thief! I'll be watching you! Yes, YOU!

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