Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Media Matters is a disgrace

While I'm not (and have never been) a 9/11 Truther, I'm disgusted with how the media treats them like lunatics. Most recent case: Andrew Napolitano. OMG! He has some reservations about the official 9/11 story! Burn him at the stake!

Mainstream liberals really are pathetic sheeple when their own thugs are in office.


  1. This late in the game... if you don't understand what happened, you're just willfully ignorant. Tower 7 came down because for the entire day, it burned out of control while every fireman in the entire region was elsewhere. At this point, it's really stupid to pretend like there was some sort of US govt conspiracy going on.

    I don't understand your blaming of liberals, either, considering it is victims and firefighters in the article you linked to who are pointing out how monumentally retarded Napolitano is.

  2. If 9/11 Truthers are such a non-threat, why is the public so scared of a little debate? If they are wrong (and I think they are), what's the big deal? I'm tired of the "victims" always trotted out to make sure you can't question anything.

  3. Conspiracy theorists (Media Matters too) can suck my Canadian bacon.

    My cousin was in building seven and managed to escape.

  4. why is the public so scared of a little debate?

    No one is scared, most of us are just fucking sick of these ignorant assclowns. It's not fear, it's lack of patience for people who won't do their own fucking research. I'm sick of Birthers, too, and I don't even like Obama, but their argument is monumentally stupid and I'm sick of people like them wasting public airtime with their masturbatory fantasies of retarded whimsy.

    I also think idiots at History Channel who put all the shows about Aliens in the Bible or Bigfoot's Ghost. Ridiculous.

  5. Bigfoot's Ghost

    Hey, one dark night a few years ago, I was driving down a road in the Pacific Northwest and I saw Bigfoot's ghost, so don't go knocking the History Channel, Mr. "Skeptic"!

  6. I like those Beef Jerkey 'Messin' with Big Foot' commercials.


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