Friday, November 19, 2010

Is protection from religious criticism a human right?

The danger of religion, now using the power of the state to eliminate the embarrassing facts that tend to look like criticism of religion often used in actual criticism of religion.

I often disagree with some points from Richard Dawkins but this single point is important, Dawkins finally gets the truth on Apostasy within the religion.


  1. Why aren't atheists picketing churches, carrying signs with pictures of people being burned alive or stoned to death.


  2. Could work... I don’t know.. I tried to point out burning witches and the atheists jumped all over it - and the witches continue to burn supported by money from the US churches... lovely.

    Trying to get the amorphous “atheist community” to do anything is like cat ranching - all over the place and uninterested.

    We would not want that little horror to interrupt anything important, gotta roll up the sleeves for slacktivism.

  3. You don't have to tell me about slacktivism. At least getting out there with signs would get some attention. You just want to be sure you have something to say when eyes are on you.

    And frankly, there are small groups dotting even the most conservative regions (if anything, I noticed more fervor among atheists in conservative areas because it's so frustrating, you want to react). Just as Christianity relies on a dedicated few who guide the movement while the vast majority only show up for Christmas and Easter (if that), atheism could be lead in the same manner.

    In a way, it already has been by the New Atheists, but I don't particularly like them.


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