Saturday, November 20, 2010

Change the world? Global, Local, or Personal?

Insignificant, most humans fit that simple word, myself included, unless you happen to invent something wonderful, head a huge group of humans, discover a medical wonder, the average human is Insignificant.

So what! or even better - "I don’t care.”

Why would you not care? Because you can “do right” or help someone or “do good” without worrying about the “world.”

Undoing the Worrying Habit

Because the individual is insignificant (most of the time, and on a global scale) where can the individual have the most impact? I believe the answer is focus, I focus on small area altruism.


First level - Personal

The relationship you have with the family you claim is the first place you will likely focus personal altruism.


Family or the personal definition of “a family" is one of the reasons I reject “legal” government recognized (and taxed) “marriage” (and “family”). Who you call or claim is your “significant other” is the personal business of the individual or individuals involved. I believe it requires two (or more) adult cognizant and willing (not under duress, coercion or force) and consenting (willing to accept the terms of the personal/social contract) human partners/participants.

For the silly and stupid wanting to point out the “human only” part, I do not recognize ownership of an animal as valid to replace consent. Until valid, provable, repeatable communication with any creature and humans is established this is not an option. Until communication and self-awareness along with the clear concept of freedom of refusal is established I consider any relationship invalid I use this same reason for the refusal to recognize pedophilia as a valid relationship. - end digression.

Back to personal altruistic actions, this type of human assistance is the most direct, from simple support and aid of a friend or family member to the aid of an unknown individual. Personal direct actions can be the most rewarding, many of the actions will become lifetime memories and none of us will object to the “the good action."

An example would be my personal quirk of stopping to render aid along roadsides, I have to have an extreme reason to not stop and help an individual changing a tire, steam belching out of an engine compartment, or even walking along the road from a downed vehicle. My wife and mother-in-law were surprised and often distressed at my habit of helping or picking up “hitchhikers.” I cannot recommend this action to anyone, the potential for danger is very high (so far I have had only one instance where this could have turned bad, my carry pistol created a quick lesson on politeness and gratitude).

Second level - Local

Local issues are where the individual continues to have a large impact, with almost limitless needs locally this is the area with the second highest return for an individual’s altruistic desires.

If there is a banquet, fund raiser, or auction benefit for the local animal shelter, landmark preservation group, and the women's and children's shelter my wife and I are there as often as possible. My oldest child donates 6 hours a day three days a week working on the newest “Habitat for Humanity” house, my middle child is very active with the food and clothing “bank.” Long ago our family made the decision that “help” was best local and we stopped supporting large “charity” groups.

Third level - Regional, National, and International

I do not discount group efforts, I also do not fault anyone willing to give time, or money to any of the big national or international groups. Where I protest and why I no longer belong to any of the bigger “charity” groups is the massive fraud and deception.

If you doubt the problems with fraud and deception among the large charity groups just look up some of the recent problems and revelations with groups like, Bono’s “One - anti-poverty organization,” Sean Hannity and the "Freedom Alliance,” Wishing Well, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and most of the large church charities and the absolute pathetic record in “helping” the big groups have.


What do you not see in all of the above, clearly politics and the simple reason is that I want an impact, nothing political will have much impact on the current rule by the elite oligarchy. Most political “groups” make the worst fraudulent charities look angelic in comparison. Our current national elections, the bailouts and massive fraud in laws passed now just prove that the system is broken. I prefer to know that I had some impact for good, so I concentrate on personal and local altruism where the maximum impact for effort is measurable.

Many of the same points could be transferred to politics, the personal choice you make should be a well researched logical and rational decision. Emotion plays a large part in personal choices, I encourage you to make the effort to add logical and rational research to your decisions as this will only increase the effect of your efforts or money.


  1. I give blood. No one told me to. I just decided it was worth it.

    I do what I can and in some cases must. I don't believe in using intermediaries and nor do I need a politician telling me what I can and can't do to improve myself and my neighbour.

    Coercion is invalid. I agree.

    Unfortunately, the idea that the government "will take care of it" lulls people into a false sense of progress.

  2. "Unfortunately, the idea that the government "will take care of it" lulls people into a false sense of progress.”

    I not only agree with that TC I believe the mountain of evidence is overwhelmingly convincing.

    I have even picked a type of work that follows my ideas on “helping fellow man” it not only supports the family it makes me happy I helped a client.

  3. I love this post - thanks for writing it. I also appreciated your digression and like your definition of "family." I'm glad I'm not the only one who takes issue with its "legal" definition.


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