Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If America Became a Christian Nation

Can we review religions and in particular Christianity to project an outcome?

What could we expect from a Biblical USA?

Note the small section featuring Rachel Maddow’s show where she points out how Abortion doctors are targeted with “Wanted” posters that feature addresses, photos, and work locations. I agree this is clearly reckless, immoral, and designed to encourage violence - the same tactic is used often on the “left” where political targets are given this same reckless promotion of possible violence.

Burning witches again, the love that dare not speak its name, and American Cristian money in Africa for biblical punishments. Listen to the “good christian” explain why the christians in Africa are better than the delusional in the US!

Conflicts of biblical importance.

Are we just weeks away from witch burnings? (A play on the old saying, “we are just nine meals away from anarchy”)

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