Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Story of the Sandwich

Yeah, so we all like sandwiches. A couple pieces of random cold cuts by themselves just doesn't cut the mustard and can't be cut like a sandwich. There is just something about putting things between two slices of bread that transforms them into a better thing, more than the sum of the parts, a new creation beyond compare, a wonder to hold, and isn't that the whole point of a sandwich, that you can hold it in your hands and not have to use a knife, fork, spoon or chopsticks to eat it.

I mean, you can have fancy fine ingredients for the filling, and somehow people will accept the resulting sandwich even if the bread used is the cheapest white crap the sandwich shop could buy. There's this great BBQ place and the meat is fantastic, but the cheapest store bought buns are used to make the ham and beef sandwiches. What's up with that deal anyways?

But wondering how the sandwich got its start, I remembered my Uncle Seymour telling about the young and haughty spoiled Earl of Sandwich. Owned his own freaking island he did! A constant gambler who never slept, he had a toilet built right into his chair! He would play cards all night long, and one thing he hated was having to try and eat and hold his cards too, so one day he asked this new cook apprentice who had mysteriously showed up at his door one day, to make him a meal he could eat with his hands. What the guy came up with was a slab of meat between two slices of bread. The Earl, being a big egotist, decided he'd call it a "sandwich" and the miracle convenience food of the millennium was born.

Well, it's being Thanksgiving today, hope you have many turkey sandwiches in your immediate future.

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