Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On the Brink of Civil Unrest in Ireland

The general secretary of one of Ireland’s largest unions, the Technical Engineering and Electrical Union (TEEU), Eamon Devoy, has warned that “we are on the brink of significant civil unrest in this country, the like of which has not been witnessed in this jurisdiction for decades”.

Speaking of a further €6 billion tranche of budget cuts, expected to be detailed on Tuesday, he commented, “When the draconian measures being proposed are heaped on top of the €14.5 billion cuts already implemented in the last three brutal budgets, life in Ireland will be unbearable.”

The TEEU congress is debating an emergency motion, which “condemns the Government for its criminal negligence in the management of the economy and for colluding with the banks in misleading the Irish people as to the seriousness of the crisis we face”.

The TEEU motion describes the actions of the government as a “policy of economic sabotage”, which “has led to the betrayal of our country and to the loss of the last shreds of our economic sovereignty.” It calls on the government to resign and call a general election, urging the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) to head “a campaign of civil disobedience to force an election”.

Ireland “on the brink of significant civil unrest”

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