Monday, November 29, 2010

OMG wikileaks is awesome

How badass is it when a handful of geeks can piss off the government so badly? Mucho badass, in my book. I want the US to fail in Afghanistan. I want our leaders to be exposed as the laughingstocks that they are. It's amusing to me.

WikiLeaks is taking a wikileak on the state. And they can't do jackshit about it. This is a sensation so wonderful that one usually has to be on drugs to experience it.



  1. And they can't do jackshit about it.

    Well... they can, but it would be rather fascist. Things like... accusing the founder of WikiLeaks of rape... like that would ever happen.

  2. You know what really made me laugh? That one Republican congressman who said the guy in charge of WikiLeaks should be arrested and charged with treason. Yeah, so you're going to kidnap a citizen of Sweden, fly him to the US and charge him with treason...that makes sense! ROFL


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