Thursday, November 25, 2010

Carefully and Deliberately Conditioned

I've thought this for a long time, that the state wants to condition us for a total police state, and the slow erosion of our liberties and so-called constitutional protections embodied in the Bill of Rights has been going on for a long time as well, though it has certainly accelerated in the last decade. People seem willing to accept what no free people should accept, all in the name of "security".

The increasing militarization of police forces across the country, the daily outrages of the drug war, the very evil TSA, the betrayal of the Bill of Rights and especially the 4th amendment by our Federal courts, and even those ridiculous Border Patrol internal checkpoints are getting people to see such intrusions of basic rights and liberties as normal and routine.

Also, on those Border Patrol checkpoints within the United States, I notice that lately those agents are becoming even more obnoxious than usual, asking questions they have no business asking at all (and this is after their stupid drug sniffing dogs have already given your car a pass).

When they asked questions before, it was just "What's your citizenship?" but some clown-costumed woman asked me on a recent stop not only that, but where I was coming from, where I was going, what my business was where I was going, and how long I was going to be where I was going. NONE OF YOUR GODDAMNED BUSINESS, YOU FASCIST BITCH! I HAVE THE RIGHT TO TRAVEL FOR ANY REASON OR NO REASON AT ALL, AND I AM NOT ENTERING THE COUNTRY, I'M ALREADY IN THE COUNTRY, SO FUCK OFF! But, we are all being trained like seals at the zoo to accept this as reasonable and okay.

“They” could not have planned it any better, initiating enhanced screening procedures right before the busiest travel time of the year. Our visceral reaction, outrage and chants of “don’t touch my junk” are understandable and warranted, but tend to overshadow our visibility of what’s really taking place, which is vastly more than meets the eye.

The media seems to be stuck on reporting the more salacious aspect of TSA agents having a collective case of the “touchy-feelies” while the underlying motives of our government are barely addressed. Yet that’s exactly where we need to be looking. We need to identify and understand what is taking place behind the snappy sound bites and outrageous video snippets. We also need to understand why these things are happening so we will not be surprised at what is likely to happen next.


The American people are being carefully and deliberately conditioned to accept the stripping away of our Constitutional rights, a process in the making for nearly a century. To see how far this conditioning has progressed, just look at how many people are willing to be groped, fondled, nuked, and subjected to other forms of degrading tactics by agents of the federal government for the mere illusion of security. They reason that if it will make air travel safer to have their genitalia fondled, that it is a “necessary evil.” Well, they are only half correct; it is indeed evil, but not necessary.

At what point will these “grope-a-dopes” draw the line and consider the actions of the government a provocation? When will people begin to connect the dots of the globalist agenda and become non-compliant?

I believe that is the larger question being raised by the puppeteers behind the proverbial curtain.

The erosion of our rights has been in progress for decades and under multiple administrations, but with this administration in particular, there is more to it. Rather than ending this madness, the Obama administration has instead ,ramped up the very tactics that had progressives calling George Bush a criminal. Why? It seems that people cannot understand that under the umbrella of globalism, political party is irrelevant. Both sides drink from the same trough.

“Gate Rape” of America

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  1. I think the TSA measures are similar. Remember when people were upset about havnig their nail clippers confiscated? Then it was liquids, now no one is complaining about liquids because... well, you know.

    On the bright side, this kind of intrusiveness tends to reach a critical point at which people push back. I know the old "boiling a frog slowly" analogy is true for frogs, but we aren't amphibians. Assuming there is a general escalation (which I think there has been), there will come a point where most people are sick of it. The key is, don't get comfortable with it.


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