Friday, November 19, 2010

Fallacy of Origins/Virtue, Logical Fallacy of the Day 2

Fallacy of Origins/Virtue is a fallacy of irrelevance where a conclusion is suggested based solely on something or someone's origin rather than its current meaning or context. This overlooks any difference to be found in the present situation, typically transferring the positive or negative esteem from the earlier context.

The fallacy therefore fails to assess the claim on its merit. The first criterion of a good argument is that the premises must have bearing on the truth or falsity of the claim in question. Origins/Virtue/Genetic accounts of an issue may be true, and they may help illuminate the reasons why the issue has assumed its present form, but they are irrelevant to its merits.

From a second source:
Fallacy of Origins, Fallacy of Virtue (aka Genetic Fallacy): if an argument or arguer has some particular origin, the argument must be right (or wrong). The idea is that things from that origin, or that social class, have virtue or lack virtue. (Being poor or being rich may be held out as being virtuous.) Therefore, the actual details of the argument can be overlooked, since correctness can be decided without any need to listen or think.
How about an example:

yes screw the feminists.

And the world has been and is ruled by men, for good, bad or ill it is a fact, it will likely stay that way... tough if anyone doesn’t like it, facts are facts and you cannot change biology
- From This Comment

What is most interesting about the Fallacy of Origins/Virtue is in the past this was the domain of racists and fundamentalist religionists. This fallacy is relatively common, yet strangely it is most common amongst the irrational fantasy based senior citizens. An endless parade of this particular logical fallacy is often the basis of the very argument made from that perspective.

Critical, logical, rational thinking requires a clear understanding of reality at it’s [its] base, political religionists often build the base of arguments on logical fallacies, it is all too often the only way to promote and present popular yet irrational and illogical political fantasies.

The parallels in delusional thinking traditionalists and religious apologists is striking and often shocking.


  1. Nice try Bret “lego”.

    But the example does not work, it does not work because:

    "The world has been and is ruled by men, for good, bad or ill”

    Show an example of a true rule by women in history, if the statement was not true you should find many examples widespread in all cultures and times.

    There is no judgement there only pointing out a biological component you may find uncomfortable.

    Read the part "for good, bad or ill” do you understand that? We do need to work on your reading comprehension Lego.

    Yet again present NOTING (other than appeal to false authority)- is the programing making Lego’s little brain hurt - poor Lego...

  2. No one's buying your elitist delusions. Don't you have a wife to go beat?

  3. "No one's buying your elitist delusions. Don't you have a wife to go beat?”

    That’s the best you can do?

    You calling anyone else an elitist is downright funny - nice try Lego.

    I promise, get a job you should feel much better.

  4. ... says the unemployed blog[g]er whose catch phrase is "elitist delusion."

    Did you not take your meds this week?

  5. "Don't you have a wife to go beat?”

    And that wasn’t 5th grade level? Nice try Lego.

    "says the unemployed blog[g]er”

    Nice try Lego, no dice, try KFC, I’m sure if you tried you can fix that frustration based hatred...

  6. And that wasn’t 5th grade level?

    Nice try, Duplo, but 5th graders aren't married.

    Nice try Lego, no dice, try KFC, I’m sure if you tried you can fix that frustration based hatred...

    Sorry, Duplo, that dog won't hunt. Try getting a job as a Wal-Mart greeter, then you can get Depends at a discount in bulk.

  7. Oh Lego, why don't you work at McDonald's and not give kids a toy when they order a happy meal unless their parents drive a Prius.

    [Charity insult, since I felt so bad for you.]

  8. Great day Bret, that was a lot of fun...

    Thanks for the material.

    XOXO - we love you...

  9. It's a trap...

    Never trust a manarchist.

    I have so many puns left, don't let it be over!


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