Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fair Game - Wikileaks as Primary Source Confirmation

The current movie Fair Game illustrates the delusional nature of a propagandized society that has lost grounding in the truth. I point to my analysis of the factual case of Wilson from 2003-2005. At the time the truth could not find its way into the US cultural context. A rational discussion of fact on topical relevance was lost on mis-information dis-information, ignorance, and conspiracy theory, as well as media-propaganda. The news media has a focus on "people-persons-and personal dirt" and they do not direct to factual issues and concerns or trends. The poison of conspiracy, propaganda, and culture has a dumbed down American public lobotomized. When it comes to my videos I am routinely called a Jew bastard or hate monger or worse from a variety of lobotomized-ignorant-mesmerized tools of the current trend and culture. The internet and our culture looks at isolated details and cannot chain them into organized trends and relationships. These videos are all about organizing a large picture view and based on the most recent Wikileaks release of correspondence, I can say with confidence that picture that has been presented over the year has been massively confirmed by the fact of primary source information.

So what was theory about the "Great land Mass (Halford Mackinder and the Dymaxion map), Russia, China, Korea, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Al Qaeda, and the main funder of Pakistan and the 9/11 attacks have now become supported by fact in the form of diplomatic correspondence. The volume of correspondence from Turkey also speaks to my correct weighting of issues as well as identifying the major players I have mentioned previously. Russian and Chinese trends discussed previously are also confirmed. The media has glossed over these leaked documents in favor of picking out personal slanted analysis of individual leaders.

When I look back these videos have been totally predictive with the media being a year late. Will people listen? Where will the built in ignorance of the American people lead us? Well, its very conducive to fascism with the United States becoming the next NAZI Germany. Eisenhower did stand up to the military industrial complex, (now the financial-corporate-elite-oligarchy) yet he could not address the issue of domestic fascism in the form of Joseph McCarthy. The same John Birch Society is in place and ironically and not surprisingly they are complaining most about the fascist trajectory. The rule of irony identifies this likely future-trend laced with the paradox of opposite effect. The ancestors of the McCarthy era are in the wings waiting to disregard both the national interest and also our nations freedom. The American public stands ready to both be the victim and the future villein of the next conflict as it destroys lives and freedom both domestically and abroad.

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