Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA Agent Arrested, Accused Of Raping 14 Year Old Girl

The TSA says that they screen potential employees before they're offered a job, and that "unfortunately theses checks do not predict future behavior." Hmm, I could predict that when you offer jobs that allow you to grope children as young as 13 (or younger) and/or force them into naked body scanners, it might just attract a certain type of person.

In any event, these are the people that a majority of the public (if we are to believe statist media like CBS "News") think should be allowed to grope and scan us and see our naked bodies.


  1. Sorta like hiring people for Youth Group Leader at your church.

  2. When you consider what Congressmen do in airport bathrooms, is it any shock they condone this?

  3. Cant predict future behavior? What sort of screens are they giving them then? There's lots of tests that can indicate sexual deviance. ). "It appears that conservatism has pathological dimensions manifested in violence and distorted psycho-sexual development" (Boshier, 1983, p. 159). This is supported by a study conducted by Walker, Rowe, and Quincey (1993) in which there was a direct correlation between authoritarianism and sexually aggressive behavior. An investigation done by Muehlenhard (1988) revealed that rape justification and aggression toward subordinate individuals was much higher in traditional (conservative personality) than non-traditional personalities.
    Work on the conservative personality has as its antecedents the efforts on authoritarianism developed by Adorno, Frenkel-Brunswick, Levinson, and Sanford in their book "The Authoritarian Personality". Adorno, et al. developed what was called an F-Scale, or Fascist scale, which dealt with nine variables thought to be found in the authoritarian personality: anti-contraception, conventionalism, authoritarian submission, authoritarian aggression, power/toughness, projectivity, superstition/stereotyping, destruction/cynicism, and sexual deviance.

    However several problems were found with the F-Scale. To counteract them, a Conservatism or C-Scale was developed (Boshier, 1983). To reduce confusion, we now interchange the terms 'conservatism' and 'authoritarianism', as "neither conceptually nor empirically does there appear to be any grounds for distinguishing between the authoritarian and conservative personality -except that the former may be regarded as a somewhat more particular case of the latter" (Wilson, 1973).


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