Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The dog catcher position on voting

Local, it is the part of the elections that actually make me get up and go vote... and my modest defense of voting.


State and Federal/National politics are too far removed and anything Mayor and above is as corrupt as a police station next to a whore house in New Orleans. My easy out with national and state politics is to just pic the third party option, most of the time there is a libertarian option and that works well enough to ease my conscience.

The real issue it the local stuff, we don't actually vote for dog-catcher but I picked a very small town to live in and I know most of the police, the Sheriff, Council members, and most of the local contrarian political activists. I actually do care who Sheriff is, who the Council members are and even Mayor (or why we may want to vote him out).

I want to see the local animal shelter continue to operate (ours is all private), I want to see the local landmarks preserved, and I want to see a safe and secure local women's and children's shelter. If there is a banquet, fund raiser, or auction benefit for any of the above I will likely be there or helping as a volunteer if I am available. I would even help the local poor and homeless projects but the local churches like to keep that to themselves, I do donate old clothing even if they pray to Jesus over my old blue jeans.

I am not stupid enough to think that any position I take will effect anything other than close local things, and bitching about politics is strictly entertainment for someone like myself. National politics, and state politics are so far beyond the reach of the individual that I am forced to agree with Nikk that voting is only useful if it is on the same path you use for jogging that day. I do hold that local things are important, and the smaller the town you live in or the less populated county the more likely you are to actually participate in something that could effect your every day life.

Or I could be deluding myself, who cares about abused kids or abandoned puppies anyway...

Joe for dog-catcher!

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