Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Live Blogging: 2010 Election

So here’s the deal: I picked up my wife from work about 45 minutes ago, made dinner, and we sat down to watch C-SPAN. I’ll write about what I’ve seen so far, post it, and then I’ll add to the post throughout the night. I won’t be going back to correct anything, so %’s will change (even in races which have been decided, there are plenty of uncounted votes).

My wife mentioned in the car ride home that Rand Paul was elected to the US Senate. Leave it to Kentucky to elect an optometrist who can’t even see how awful his hair piece is. Score another one for the God loving, abortion-hating, gay marriage-banning theocrats. This sort of proves that you can run any Republican in an inbred state and they’ll win.

Indiana, one of my home states, also showed it’s Red side again by flipping. I don’t know anything else to say about Indiana… it’s just that boring. The sign entering says, “Indiana – Crossroads of America,” because everyone is pretty much just passing through.

Christine O’Donnell lost, no surprise there. With 40% of the vote, she did better than Alvin Greene’s 27% at the moment. It blows my mind that Christine O’Donnell could get 40% of the vote, but Alvin Greene’s 27% is literally unbelievable. Never again can Democrats be accused of being elitists.

I didn’t even think Alvin Greene was dumb enough to vote for Alvin Greene. South Carolina, folks.

Let’s take a detour to punditry… Sarah Palin said that the media is conspiring against Tea Party candidates, and that CBS stands for “Corrupt Bastards Club.” Someone get this woman a tutor, she needs a review of the alphabet.

Most of the cable news outlets are saying Democrats will likely hold the majority in the Senate and Republicans will hold the House. Expect two years of laws bouncing between the two like a game of bicameral volleyball. This compared to the last few years, where it seemed like a solo game of racquetball, with Democrats playing into a Republicans wall of inactivity.

Interesting demographic note from my wife: all black candidates are projected to lose, so there will be no black people in the Senate. Marco Rubio, the Florida Republican who won his three way race for Senate, is Hispanic, and there might be more, so the Senate can’t go back to telling racist jokes on the floor quite yet.

Lots of cannabis ballot initiatives seem to be failing, and the reason appears to be a recurring theme in legislation today: the idea is strong, but the law is poorly written. Why are we electing lawmakers who can’t even write laws correctly? Maybe we should ask to see a candidates proposed laws during the campaign.

Joe “You Lie” Wilson is projected to lose his South Carolina seat in the house of representatives… okay, I’ll go easier on SC in the future.

One of my personal favorites, Alan Grayson of Florida, was ousted from his House of Rep. seat. Alan Grayson may be best known for being one of the only Democrats with balls. He may be remembered for saying the Republican health care plan was for “sick people to die quickly.” Voters probably remembered him calling his opponent “Taliban Dan.” On the plus side, this frees up Grayson’s schedule for more appearances on talking-head shows and possibly a run for Senate.

Jim Boehner (pictured above) is already gearing up for his promotion from Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives to Majority Leader. Boehner is known for handing out checks from lobbyists on the House floor. What, you didn’t know about that? Maybe because you didn’t get your bribe…

For those keeping score at home, as of 11:45 PM eastern time, 3 Senate seats have flipped and the Republicans won majority of the House (I’m unable to find how many seats they won and how many are still up at the moment, but it would be bound to change anyway).

The “small government” Tea Partiers are coming out to the polls in droves, and they’re voting down the marijuana medicalization initiatives.The majority of Tea Partiers are opposing Prop 19 to legalize it in California, as well. Radio Bloger knew this already, but I was optimistic that maybe some more of them would side with principles they claim to represent, not decades old government propaganda shoved down their throats that demonized the mellow weed.

This will be my last update, because the big picture is pretty well set and I’m ready to zone out while playing some video games before going to bed. I was also curious what would happen in the Harry Reid/Sharron Angle race, and it has been decided with Harry Reid up 50% to 44% . Sharron Angle won’t get to join this loony batch of freshmen Senators, but there will be plenty of ridiculous antics for years to come.

Good night, and I hope your guy won… or that the person you hate lost… or that the ballot initiative you support won… or that you at least found this worth reading, even though the election was pointless.


  1. "so there will be no black people in the Senate...the Senate can’t go back to telling racist jokes on the floor quite yet"

    looking at the members of the senate, I can't see many 'white' people either - all E/J. French? Irish? German? Italian? Under-represented to say the least. Forgotten slaves.

  2. Yeah, I'm sure that's how the 13% of the population who is black sees it...

  3. That's not what I was implying, actually.


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