Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Food: What's A Watermelon?

Thanks to The Commentator's true watermelon story (do they spell it as two words in Canada, or is it just a case similar to my use of the term "rest room") you have a Sunday Food post this week (yes, I know it's late, very late). The Commentator even took my advice in a comment on his first watermelon post and posted a part two with a photo (for those who pretend to have never heard of the strange, exotic fruit).

I've always loved watermelon, going back to childhood, and I think the opening up of the large monstrous melons was even more exciting to me as a kid than the breaking open of a coconut (which always seemed like murder, what with the pounding and hammering and dynamiting, plus, the little things actually had faces!).

Watermelon during the Summer was a special treat, but I never liked the seeds. They have seedless hybrids now, but even though the seeds were and still are my enemy, buying a watermelon without them doesn't seem quite right.

Some watermelon facts:

Watermelon is a mild diuretic. It has a lot of that good thing tomatoes have in its red flesh (lycopene). It also has that stuff that carrots have that can turn your skin orange (beta carotene). Watermelons are 92% water (I wondered where they got that, really, I did) which you can tell by trying to eat one with a fork (use a spoon or just your hands, fool!). And did you know that the largest watermelon weighed 262 pounds?

A whole watermelon will stay fresh for several days at least if kept refrigerated. If you cut it open, wrap the unused sections in plastic wrap and refrigerate.

Though I would never do it (remember, me and the seeds don't get along) I've heard you can roast and salt the seeds and eat them as a snack, though they are high in fat.

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