Friday, July 9, 2010

Running Out of Money Scarier Than Death

In a poll of people between the ages of 44 and 75, 61% said that running out money was their biggest fear. The remaining 39% thought death was scarier.

It's so well-known that the U.S. won't have enough to fund Social Security in the next several decades that most younger people are throwing up their hands in disgust and counting, instead, on their own ability to save, as well as family and community support. The younger cohort among the old folks, who may after all be farther from retirement than they'd like, have really nail-biting fears: 56% are concerned they won't be able to cover their basic living expenses once they reach retirement age.

Compared to running out of money, fear of death is no biggie

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  1. I can't understand why people even consider Death to be scary! Running out of money would land you in trouble, while Death would deliver you from all trouble!


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