Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No Banks, No Public Facilities, No Food and Rampaging Gangs of Desperate People

You are about to enter a world of chaos from which few will survive unscathed. A world of no banks, no public facilities, no food and rampaging gangs of desperate people. Unemployment of 50% and little law and order. Violence will be rife. This is not a pretty picture, but we have spared you the details. The world had better wake up fast so they’ll be prepared to deal with what is to come.-Bob Chapman

The picture Bob Chapman paints is one that may lead to an initial reaction of, “What? No way that can happen.”

Perhaps it can’t happen. Perhaps, it really is different this time and our benevolent leaders and the powers that be are capable of managing this crisis. Perhaps they will restore jobs to pre-crash levels. Perhaps home prices will go back up to record 2006 levels because tens of thousands of buyers will appear in the market. Perhaps the Federal reserve will be able to sell of their toxic assets, not have to print more money to bail anyone out, and the world will demand that the dollar remain the reserve currency of choice. Perhaps all of these people in delinquency on their mortgages will be able to catch up on those late payments. Perhaps governments will stop spending more than they take in and all of their debts will be paid off. Perhaps the globe’s top financiers will figure out a way to deleverage the trillions of bad debt currently working it’s way through the system.

Coming Chaos


  1. SE... you need PAIN, you babbling idiot....

  2. Seeing as how you aren't big on intellectual property rights, mind if I run with the idea of a DM story? I've been patiently waiting for you to do it, but you went all Chicken Little on me.

  3. Ginx, I'm still planning my "Adventures of DM" series, but unfortunately I'm a notorious procrastinator.

    But please, go ahead and run with it. I look forward to your effort in DM docudramedy fiction (or whatever it is).

  4. We would *never* hurt babbling impotent fools like yourselves, SE & Co.
    We just wanted to give you a little FRIGHT and show you what is REALLY GOING ON!

    *****YOU ARE NOT THE ENEMY*****

    THE WEALTHY AND POWERFUL ARE THE *REAL ENEMIES*, those who have *REAL MONEY* and *REAL POWER*, those who are manipulating and exploiting others for their own selfish financial and political gain…...


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