Monday, July 19, 2010

More Like Prohibition than Social Security

Many commentators–some on the Left, some on the Right–insist that once a historic action (entitlement) is taken, it’s impossible to reverse. Which calls into question how we got rid of the whole Prohibition thing.

Believe it or not, this is the proper comparison of ObamaCare: not Social Security, not Medicare. ObamaCare has more in common with Prohibition.

* Both ObamaCare and Prohibition are “noble experiments” which attempt to regulate personal human behavior by an unwieldy, gargantuan federal apparatus. In fact, Prohibition was known as the “Noble Experiment.”

* Both programs are highly-unpopular with a majority of the population.

* Both programs were promulgated by those who thought that government was smarter than ordinary Americans.

* Both programs are examples of the government’s “forcing you to do something you’d rather not do for your own good” philosophy.

5-Step Repeal Plan: ObamaCare is More Like Prohibition than Social Security

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