Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Catching On!

I recently had the occasion to remove my wallet in front of a co-worker. Upon its appearance outside my pants pocket, my co-worker burst out laughing.  He mentioned something about George Costanza and powered wigs, but I didn't hear it all; I was too busy putting my wallet away before I was exposed to further embarrassment. 

After that I was reluctant to remove my fat wallet in public, as when standing in line at the check out in Walmart. Instead I would get some cash out (or a credit card)  before going inside the store, and place my method of payment in my shirt pocket.

You'll notice the photo I've included with this post. Well, my actual wallet is as fat as that, but unfortunately, not stuffed with that kind of cash. It is filled with various cards, like my driver license, my debit and credit cards, my supermarket club cards, my passport card (for travel to Canada and Mexico), my CVS drug store club card, various business cards I've held on to for God knows why, my health and dental insurance cards, my auto proof of insurance card, a few coupons, random scraps of paper of unknown origin, numerous receipts, and lottery tickets I've been too lazy to check (I could be a millionaire and not even know it - a fat wallet stuffed with cash could be become my reality any day!).

Now, George Costanza was starting to have back trouble due to his fat wallet being in his back pocket (coincidence? I don't think so!) but I've been carrying mine in my front pants pocket for years. It looks a little weird, but I've always had an inordinate fear of pickpockets. Every time a suspicious character would bump into me in a crowd, I found myself double checking to make sure my wallet was still there. Beside, I didn't like the feel of a huge bulk riding on my ass. So, I moved my wallet to the front, and there it has remained to this day.

I still don't notice a lot of men doing the same, though. If they do carry a traditional wallet, they keep it in their back pocket. But the other day, as I was just walking around the nearby open air shopping mall, a young, well-dressed, almost as handsome as me, man was there with his super hot girlfriend. He didn't look some loser nerd, yet he had what appeared to be his very fat wallet in his left front pants pocket!

I knew it would only be a matter of time. See, it is catching on!

George's Exploding Wallet

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