Monday, July 5, 2010

Human Faces vs Pareidolia

I see faces in the stucco walls when I use the bathroom, in the mold on the shower curtain as I bathe (note to self: get a new shower curtain next time you're at Walmart) on the ceiling as I go to bed, in the shadows that creep into the house as the sun goes down. The faces, they don't talk back, not like you think of talking, anyway, you know, verbally, but they do speak to me. Where do you think I get all my blogging ideas?

image from Cectic

Did you also know that my alarm clock is as unhappy as I am every day to have to get up early in the morning?

Yet every morning it wakes me up. Just doing its duty, right? Like all the slaves of the state capitalist system, it just goes along with the program. It's not free, it's a clock, a machine, it doesn't have free will and it is NOT free. Neither are YOU.

And now back to our regularly scheduled posts.

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