Sunday, July 11, 2010

Heart Trouble, Organ Damage, Rectal Bleeding...

...happening to shrimpers as a result of the BP oil spill:

Shrimpers who were exposed to a mixture of oil and Corexit dispersant in the Gulf of Mexico suffered severe symptoms such as muscle spasms, heart palpitations, headaches that last for weeks and bleeding from the rectum, according to a marine toxicologist who issued the warning Friday on a cable news network.

Dr. Susan Shaw, founder and director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute, said during a CNN broadcast that after personally diving the oil spill in late May, a "very fiery sore throat" plagued her from inhaling fumes coming off the water. Because she was covered from head to toe in a protective suit, Dr. Shaw was spared direct exposure.

Shrimpers who had bare-skin contact with the mixture of oil and Corexit, she said, were not so lucky.-Toxicologist: Oil/Corexit mix caused heart trouble, organ damage, rectal bleeding

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  1. Honestly... I'm curious what you have to say about this whole thing, not just what you want to post. How can an event like this leave you with anything but the realization that private companies care nothing for who they hurt? BP is just going to change its name and continue business as usual while people in the Gulf are left unemployed and apparently in severe medical distress, and yet you posted stuff about Obama telling BP to pay for it in the context that it was highway robbery...

    Can you explain to me why on Earth I shouldn't be feeling like this is a direct result of 8 years of Bush deregulation followed by the moderately conservative Barack Obama administration doing equally nothing?


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