Friday, July 16, 2010

Employers: "WE'RE the victims in all of this!"

It is too funny to see employers boo-hooing (here and here) over unemployment benefits making it more difficult to hire cheap, easily exploitable labor. Seriously now, if you are incapable of paying a wage that's competitive with unemployment benefits (a challenge equivalent to finding a girlfriend more attractive than Elena Kagan) then....sorry, but your company is fucking pathetic and deserves to tank.


  1. They can't afford to pay people fair wages if those at the top take 7 or 8 figure salaries for making the big decisions... like how many digits will be on their paycheck. What a tough life those guys have, making so much money so fast they don't even have time to count it and know how rich they are.

  2. I would add that paying employees low wages is a stupid decision even from a business perspective. It sticks you with an apathetic, unmotivated workforce, a high turnover rate, and a bad reputation. And then you just have to spend *more* money fixing all those problems!


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