Monday, July 19, 2010

DM is a Fool

After deleting its latest comment (Dennis/David Markuze/Mabus does not deserve the designation human) DM the Endless Spamming Machine anticipated my enabling of comment moderation and left this (though I usually delete its "comments" without reading them):

keep that comment moderation ON, you little *idiot*....

If that was really this losers goal, it would have nothing to do all day if it actually achieved it, right DM, you taxpayer parasite?

Someone else left a comment in response, but I'll put it here cause I thought it was funny:

Sorry, DM, you fucking faggot (look up "faggotry") you lose!!!


By the way, FAGGOT, I dare you to keep posting your cut and past pathetic little ego-starved spam. DARE you to waste the only life you've got!!!!!!!!

Now go crawl back into your lonely little hole, you worthless excuse for a human being!

********TRUTH OR FALSEHOOD, FOOL?*************TRUTH*********OR DOOM...

Well, I don't really care if someone wants to dare DM about anything, its spam is pointless. When someone has no talent and no ambition, no life and no love in their heart, they attempt to satisfy their desire for recognition with things like graffiti vandalism and spam vandalism.

A Mrs. Jackson (no relation) of Mississippi recently wrote me with some interesting information about DM. I may use it for something soon. We'll see.

Oh, and if you encounter comment moderation here from time to time, that's why. It doesn't mean DM has won, it means DM has lost.

No real comments will be refused a place at Skeptical Eye, The DM Slayer.

UPDATE: DM just tried to leave more spam (one of the super long ones) obviously hoping the moderation was off. So, DM, you want that comment moderation turned off, don't you? Frustrated, are we? Sorry, you lose again!

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