Friday, July 9, 2010

American Troops Killed Groups of South Korean Civilians

A commission charged with investigating wartime atrocities has found that American troops killed groups of South Korean civilians on 138 separate occasions during the Korean War.

The South Korean Commission conducting the investigation "decided not to seek compensation or criminal charges" in almost all of the cases.

The commission’s conclusions were not greeted so warmly, however, by the families of the victims.

“Our government is cowering before the big U.S. government,” said Lee Chang-geun, 77, whose parents were among an estimated 300 South Korean soldiers, railway officials, students and other civilians killed on July 11, 1950, when American aircraft bombed the train station in Iri, a southern town many miles behind the front line.

Korean War Panel Finds U.S. Attacks on Civilians

While we've made a great deal of social progress since 1950, the U.S. Military still behaves like murderous barbarians.


  1. I don't think we've made as much progress as we'd like to imagine... certainly not in the way our soldier conduct war. The only hero in the military today is the guy who released those documents and tapes which show the true nature of the conflict. He is actually risking something for freedom.

  2. "commission" was politically motivated...also, i think there is a difference between "killing civilians" with bombs dropped from 35 00 feet and "killing civilians" by lining them up and shooting them in the back of the head. further, the korean was was a war fought (inter alia) between the south and nmorth koreans and as such made it hard to discern who was who. i think if you seacrh the publc records you will find the same problems existed in other wars around the world. i am pretty sure that if you do your own investigation, and use a little common sense (recognizing the politically charged or sensationalizing story mongering revisions) the killing of civilians in the korean war was either unavoidable (shot those coming towards lines for fear of them being north koreans or chinese or be shot instead) or accidental (such as a bombing of peoples from 35000+ feet - a telling example of accidental deaths of civilians can be found in military records that show usa troops killed at the same time by those supposed civilian raids).

    use your heads and don't accept stories from unqualified and agenda-seeking journalists and politicans.....serious....

  3. bdh: Unlike our deliberate mass killing of civilians in World War Two, right?

    Did dropping bombs from the air (including the atomic bombs dropped on Japan) on non-military targets make it less of a war crime?

    You're the one that needs to use some common sense (and some logic) when thinking about these issues. And of course, we didn't belong in Korea in the first place.


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