Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Most Dangerous Weapons Production Site in the Middle East


  1. And to think its probably US money funding it all.

  2. SE, why do you hate Jews? :P

    (that's sarcasm, just incase. lol)

    Israel can talk about their "Samson Option" (search it, it's a Dr Strangelove type plan), but Iran can't even generate electricity using nuclear tech - go figure.

  3. You know, I remember for 8 years debating with people on this issue, and the biggest supporters of Israel I met were all conservatives, mostly very religious. Most normal people, when presented the situation, tend to sympathize with the Palestinians at least in part, especially liberals. I've even gotten liberal Jews who have been to Israel (on birth right or to visit relatives) to admit Israel does some fucked up shit.

    It's interesting... I think there's a genuine belief among some religious folk (fundie Xians) that Jews have to be in control of Israel for the end-of-times to occur, and having them armed with nuclear weapons probably only reinforces their view.

  4. You're right, Ginx -- the Christian fundamentalists are probably the biggest defenders of Israel. For example, while governor, Sarah fuckhead Palin proudly displayed two flags on her desk -- an American flag and an Israel flag. Meanwhile, many Jews are very critical of Israeli brutality. In fact, some of the biggest defenders of the Palestinian cause are Jews -- e.g., Noam Chomsky, Sarah Roy, Norman Finkelstein, Philip Weiss, Avi Shlaim, Gideon Levy, Neve Gordon, etc., etc.

  5. Of course... you can get all the liberals in the world to support something and the Democrats they elect still won't change policy.

    Lobby groups have a sweet gig... donate X
    gain 10x from government support
    donate Y (Y>X)

    I'm shocked lobbying is legal to begin with, but a foreign lobby like AIPAC? It's criminal.


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