Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Face of War

He believed that he was fighting for his country. He was actually fighting for the power and greed of a few.

In a way, I believe this picture is symbolic. It shows the inner monster that develops as a result of war. He was probably a happy young man at one time, but now he is a scarred, demonic product of the war machine. Chewed up and spit out, just like that.

All the bullshit "freedom'n'democracy" rhetoric that the Hannitoids and Rushbots were spewing in 2004? Just mindless Republican propaganda that lost any relevancy years ago. Nobody cares. It's old news. Was it worth getting his face blown off for the short-term political fiesta of the GOP and its media shills?

Just some things to consider before you volunteer to be a murderous, trigger-happy tool of the state. The state does not give a FUCK about you.

Meet the face of war.

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  1. What a waste. The pointless waste of lives is disgusting. Imagine the lives affected by these wars when we thing of those directly killed, those wounded, those with mental scars from pulling their disfigured friends out of burning tanks, the spouses and children back home impovrished because of lost jobs, the addiction, the PTSD, suicides, murders when these guys freak out back home and kill their wives, the disabled vets who get thrown away by the government like injured race horses etc....its in the millions Its all very depressing.


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