Friday, October 30, 2009

Vox Day: The Return of the Great Depression

Vox Day says "I certainly hope that I am incorrect and the Great Depression 2.0 is not in the process of unfolding, but unfortunately, I have yet to see any evidence suggesting otherwise that is not based on the very same assumptions and models that caused mainstream economists to fail to foresee the current recession". His new book is called The Return of the Great Depression.

At present, the mainstream consensus is that the structural flaws in the global economy that caused the financial crisis 2007 have been solved, that the recession is over, and that the recovery has already begun. While a few famous economists are hedging their public bets by speaking incoherently of a jobless recovery, virtually no one is willing to assert that not only are there no jobs being created, there is in fact no economic recovery occurring!

The Return of the Great Depression

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