Friday, October 16, 2009

The Television Terminator

I don't know why I have to wake up to stories like this: Schwarzenegger set to ban 'energy-guzzling' big screen TVs in California. I don't even have the energy this early in the morning to really comment on this, probably because all the energy is being sucked up by all those big ass TV sets.

A spokesman (spokesperson? I mean, even though it's a male in this case, is it a politically incorrect anti-women--oops, womyn--thought crime to use "man" in this context?) for the Consumer Electronics Association says up to 25% of current televisions for sale on retail shelves will have to be pulled. The plan in California is to ban sets more than 40 inches wide.

Naturally, the human-hating enviro-nuts are all for it. In a state quickly going completely down the crapper, this is what California's incompetent rulers come up with. It's supposedly to save the state money by reducing energy costs (but aren't those being paid by the private residents using those TVs?), but no real talk of permanently slashing the state budget and ridding Californians of the myriad of needless regulations, laws, taxes and public "servants" that hang like a mill-stone about their necks, causing mass migrations of people and businesses to more friendly, less-oppressive states (thank God for what little Federalism still exists in the United States).

Getting rid of most of California's existing government and parasites state employees would be a far better money and energy-saving move, and the residents of the Tarnished Golden State would then be able to enjoy those big-screen televisions and afford to buy even bigger ones with all the money they would suddenly find returned to their pockets. And maybe then, with extra cash in hand, television would no longer be one of the only means of escape from the nightmare dystopian world that is Schwarzenegger's California.

Note: Gotta love the upside down logic of "Energy" Commissioner Julia "This will actually save consumers money" Levin.

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  1. Totally agree - parasites. I love the "womyn" reference :) Why not build nuclear power plants? Why not encourage people to buy big screen TV's and grow the economy? Screw Arnold - total RINO.


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