Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hostility to the Truth


Most people react with extreme hostility when confronted with the truth. Try mentioning any of these ideas to someone, and notice the reaction:

  • Taxation is theft!
  • The USA has a corrupt monetary system!
  • Government is just a humongous extortion racket!
  • Government is terrorism!
  • Government licensing requirements for doctors are harmful, because they restrict supply and raise prices!
  • Who needs a government anyway? A true free market would be superior, where nobody has a monopoly of violence.

Most people don't just say "Your argument is stupid." and move on. They get outright hostile, especially if you're explaining the truth well and if you're persistent.

When you try discussing the above subjects, then the functioning of the Matrix is totally obvious.

Most people don't notice the Matrix, because they don't question the lies that people have been brainwashed to believe. If you go around speaking the truth, then the people around you react with hostility. This causes the superficial conclusion "There's something wrong with the person speaking the truth!" instead of "Nearly everyone is a brainwashed idiot!"

You only see the Matrix when you start questioning things. Most people don't question the Matrix all at once, like I can now. They question bits and pieces at a time. Then, they are forcibly brought back in line by the pro-State trolls around them.

As a child, you're sharply corrected by the adults around you whenever you question official State propaganda. Over time, you internalize this, and learn to not question the State. It doesn't happen all at once, but the cumulative effect over many years is very damaging. State brainwashing centers (schools) encourage this process.

Why are people so hostile to the truth?


  1. Nice, to bad it degrades from there but, the sentiment is right on!

  2. ... so anything that makes someone angry is true?

    Religion makes me angry... but thakfully your premise is wrong and religion just angers me because it's so patently full of shit.

    The reason many libertarian ideas face opposition is because they are simply barbarous. The consequences of things like ending income tax and deregulating medicine are multitudinous, and if you want I could expound upon each for pages.

    Also, I was always encouraged to question authority, so I'm sorry if you weren't. I plan to carry on the tradition personally, but questioning and blindly opposing anything on the basis that all authority is inherently wrong is over simplification and frankly a confusion of liberty with anarchy.

    I can't stress this enough: anarchy is might=right, it is violence. It is a ridiculous fantasy that a complete lack of rules will result in anything but viciousness. I understand that there is a major problem of over-regulation and corruption, but are you kidding me?

    You would trust the authority of intellectuals who stroke your ideological dong like Mises (who I've been voraciously reading for the past two weeks), but I wonder if you've read anything by someone like Marx that was of any substance.

    No it doesn't have to be Marx, but someone with a sociological background would help, because I think your worldview lacks a major component: human nature.

  3. The consequences of things like ending income tax and deregulating medicine are multitudinous

    I'm interested in hearing more about these supposed "consequences." Less power and luxuries for our criminal overlords? How awful!

    You come across as someone who has never read any actual anarchist literature.

    I wonder if you've read anything by someone like Marx that was of any substance.

    The Marx who wanted the state to whither away? The Marx who proclaimed "Refusal to pay taxes is the primary duty of the citizen!"?

    Ironically, we're probably closer to Marx than you. ;P

  4. @ Ginx

    "anarchy is might=right, it is violence."

    no, violence is not well tolerated among anarchists and there would be very limited might as no monopoly of power would exist. You need to read-up before making comments

  5. You need to read-up before making comments

    Ha! Good luck with that. The last thing Ginx is interested in is thinking deeply about anything.


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