Thursday, October 8, 2009

World Socialist Web Site on the new Michael Moore movie

Its review is surprisingly intelligent. And it even excoriates Moore for promoting that corporatist crook FDR!


  1. Moore doesn't really advocate socialism (though he likes socialized medicine ala Sicko). Instead, he bashes the rich and gives tangible examples of how the wealthy manipulate the world.

    I think he recognizes that over a century of propoganda against Communism can't be overcome, so he tries to stress "democracy" as being from the bottom up, so that should be how our economy works. The problem is, the movie is 95% stating the problem, 5% stating a solution. Maybe this is a good thing, given the Moore lack of knowledge on the subject.

    He provides some nebulous examples of companies that work "democratically," ie, everyone from low-level employees to management can vote on who will run the company or on general policy changes, etc. (sounds socialist to me...).

    I think the movie is worth renting or seeing on cable, even if you hate Bowling for Columbine.

    What I hated about the movie:

    - His lack of understanding that Democracy is a method of selecting government and Capitalism is an economic system. They have nothing to do with each other.

    - Trying to get me to believe that Jesus hates Capitalism (like I even fucking care), and calling it "evil" like he was Bush talking about terrorism.

    - Blind faith in Obama, despite mounting evidence he'll do nothing constructive.

    I think this movie was a booster shot for Liberals disillusioned by Obama so far, but I guess it didn't take with me.

  2. I actually think Michael Moore is a fairly talented filmmaker, and have enjoyed most of his movies (although I usually disagree with him--save for Fahrenheit 9/11).

    And yeah, Jesus was definitely a capitalist. The religious hucksters have been making a killing off him for quite some time! Nuff said.

  3. Spurious logic from last commenter! You can't say that "Jesus was a capitalist" because "loads of hucksters have been making money off him since"! Not unless you expect him to have prevented them with a lightning bolt! I think you've got the wrong god: you're looking for Thor - or Zeus! :)

    The "trouble" with religion - or rather the discrepancy between it and "real life" - is that many if not most religions preach idealism: caring sharing ideals, social and various other sorts of justice. *But when it comes to putting these ideals into practice*, they never really get there, bcos the leaders of these churches have done their deal with the earthly authorities.. and the rest is hypocrisy.

    Moore is one of those "simple" souls who *actually believed/s in what he was taught at Sunday school. He was thrown out of seminary for this fact, &for asking questions. Read his autobio NOW!


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