Friday, October 9, 2009

"It's Up To The Individual"

In an ideal world, it would be "legal" (I don't, of course, actually endorse the whole concept of legal and illegal, only moral and immoral, which no one needs a "law" to understand) for anyone to carry a concealed gun anytime, anywhere. Watch the crime rate drop in murder cities like Chicago if that happened. Naturally, I don't recommend breaking the law in this case, as the criminal gang known as The State might send you to prison for the mere "crime" of having the means to protect yourself actually on your person when you might need it. You may, however, want to read Massad Ayoob's 10 Commandments of Concealed Carry.

For an example of the absurd, totally arbitrary nature of the "law", here's a paragraph from the article linked above:

Every state has different laws insofar as where you can and can’t carry a gun. It’s your responsibility to know all the details. In one state, it may be against the law to carry a weapon in a posted “no-gun zone.” In another, that sign may have no weight of law at all behind it. In a third, you may be asked to leave if your gun is spotted, and if you do not depart, you will be subject to arrest for Trespass After Warning.

In the state of New Hampshire, it is perfectly legal to carry your gun into a bar while you sit down and have a drink. If you do the same in Florida, it’s an arrestable offense, though you’re allowed to have a cocktail in a restaurant with a liquor license, so long as you’re seated in a part of the establishment that earns less than 50% of its income from selling alcoholic beverages by the drink. In North Carolina, you can’t even walk into a restaurant that has a liquor license, with a gun on. And, perhaps strangest of all, in the state of Virginia at this writing, it is illegal to enter a tavern with a concealed handgun, but perfectly legal to belly up to the bar and sip a whiskey while carrying a loaded handgun “open carry” fashion in an exposed holster!

A superb current compendium of gun laws in the 50 states can be found at Review it frequently for possible changes.

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    Honestly though, if you ever invent the rational human being, mass produce it. Until then, lol.


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