Monday, October 26, 2009

Unsafe At Any Speed Limit

Driving home from work yesterday (yes, I work Sundays) I decided to drive exactly at the speed limit, which in the city is 65 mph on the highways. I don't often go much faster than that anyway, considering the car I drive and the fact that on my income I try my best to save gas, but this time my speedometer needle stayed exactly on that 65 mark all the way home.

I was interested in seeing if I, traveling at the legal maximum speed, would be the slowest vehicle on the road, and with only two or three exceptions, I was. All the other cars were going much faster, and the majority at least 80 mph.

This lead me to wondering why the official limit is only 65. Don't we live in a democracy? Haven't the people who actually use the highways spoken with their accelerators? Don't you "progressives" and "liberals" trust the judgment of the common man? After all, it was "progressives" that pushed for the modern initiative and referendum process, designed to allow the people to bypass state legislatures. These same "progressives" were also responsible for the 17th Amendment, providing for the direct election of U.S. Senators (previously chosen by the state legislatures).

So, obviously, "progressives" trust the people and want more democracy, which means the people should directly decide, by their driving behavior (that, as opposed to a vote on the issue, would be real democracy) what the speed limit should be, which from just my experience yesterday and in general, is always way above whatever the posted speed limit happens to be on any particular road.

Since libertarians are in the minority, I would suppose that of those who take an interest in politics (and who also drive) there are many statists of the Republican and Democrat variety behind the wheels all those vehicles zooming past me everyday. Democrats and Republicans love government and believe we can't do without it and its rules and regulations, and yet for some reason, they disregard the State's speed limits and act like anarchists when they get in their cars, doing their own thing and setting their own speeds!

The ultimate solution might be to just privatize the roads:

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