Monday, October 12, 2009

Paul on the Obomba "Peace" Prize

"The anti-war left doesn't exist anymore. Code Pink now supports Obama's position in Afghanistan".

via Politically Confused


  1. I think Dr. Paul did a good job of pointing out the primary problem with the parties today: they don't do what they promise voters.

    Can you imagine how much better off we'd be if Bush was economically conservative or if Obama was actually anti-war?

  2. I would actually resister to vote if the Democrats were anti-war in more than just occasional, half-hearted rhetoric.

  3. Come on. Honest politicians? CRAZY TALK. Can you imagine a world where the people running it actually followed through with what they said? There would be chaos. CHAOS I tell you.

    I completely agree with SE. If Republicans were economically conservative in more than just words alone, and Democrats were in any way concretely anti-war, then there MIGHT be an incentive for me to register to vote.

  4. Oh come on, even I'm registered to vote. It took all of 5 minutes when I got my license renewed. Now actually casting a vote for someone... that's something I have yet to feel compelled to do.

  5. Oh come on, even I'm registered to vote. It took all of 5 minutes when I got my license renewed.

    If you don't feel compelled to vote for anyone, why bother registering?

    As for getting a driver license renewed, I'm against that too, but unfortunately that's something they make you do at the point of a gun (it's GUNverment, after all) if you want to "legally" drive.

    As to how easy it is to register to vote, that completely misses the point! What part of "We're anarchists" don't you understand?


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